Depression vs Contentment

While the world continues to progress technologically. I swear by Allah, faster than its growth in technology it is retrogressing morally and spiritually. While life seems to become easier theoretically, in theory, when you analyze life today with communication and modes of transport becoming so much easier, in theory life seems easier than previous times but practically life has become more challenging than the previous times.

Tension, depression and frustration has By Allah become the order of the day. Happiness, Joy and prosperity is something of the past. The very fears that haunt the minds of every individual are ever lurking.. “I must never become poor, i must never be diagnosed of cancer”. The fears that are ever lurking in the heart and in the mind of every man is sufficient depression in the life of every person. The only way to avert financial depression is to convince yourself is that Allah is the sustainer. In the midst of affluence there is no joy, in the midst of comfort and luxury there is absolutely no joy.

Muhammad (Sallalahu Alayhi Wasallam) Said: … ” Wealth in essence is the contentment of the heart, the one who has contentment in his heart, the no amount of calamities and tragedies will harm this man, will depress this man”, nothing in the world will depress this man. Money can buy a house but not a home. Money can buy you bed but not sleep. The greatest contributing factor to depression is Sin. As that young guy, who after he takes a pill and he is on a buzz and on cloud 9 & you know he is floating somewhere else, as soon as he becomes sober, he goes through such depression that he’s left with one of the 2 options, either he commits suicide or takes a pill again! There is no choice left in his life again, either he takes these tablets as an “escapism” where you are hiding the reality, you are disguising or camouflaging, you are not solving and tracing the problem.

Having Allah on your side means sailing on a boat which no storm can sink. It doesn’t mean you wont have storms, you will have storms, you will have waves, but when you have Allah (God) on your side, no storm will sink that ship. It is contentment, grab hold onto it, I swear if you have it your a king without a throne. Muhammad (Sallalahu Alayhi Wasallam) said “He who has contentment in his heart, no calamities of this world will depress him”. It doesn’t mean when a person has contentment, calamities will not come but rather Allah will give him the strength to react differently, he will not get emotional by situations.

Allah gives you the ability to focus, on the reward promised in the hereafter. Friends you have seen the fake pleasure of this world, you have seen how it has deceived you, I call you and introduce you to divine pleasure, I introduce you to spiritual pleasure, I swear by Allah, there is so much pleasure in worshiping Allah, where you will prostrate to your Lord, and I promise you will derive such pleasure, I swear by Allah in who’s control is my life, you wont be able to lift your head up.

The person who can commit to righteous actions, Allah (GOD) will give him contentment and tranquility in life. We are chasing a life where we are in need of peace, tranquility and have a good life, before we commit to become righteous and committing good deeds in life.

Look at everyone these days, you will reach the conclusion that they all want to first resolve issues in their lives and create a good life balance around them before working on good deeds such as looking after the poor, the needy, the orphans, helping in your community, helping respect for our parents etc.

So our formula is completely upside down, but “He who corrects his deeds, Allah with his Will, would correct his affairs”. If your deeds are corrupt, then your life affairs will become corrupt.

When people scream out to God and say “O LORD look what a mess I am in with my life, our LORD would say have you seen your Deeds?” yet we still fail to look at our own actions.

We spend day and night, to correct and excel in our worldly affairs but have absolutely no reflection of the life hereafter? No consideration for what will happen to us after death? Why so? Everyone is engrossed in this effort. But the companions of the Prophet Muhammad (Sallalahu Alayhi Wasallam) and other men of piety, corrected their Hereafter and in return Allah SWT corrected their worldly affairs.

There is truly no God but Allah, the One & Only Creator, Muhammad, Jesus are Messengers of Allah!

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